About Crystal Rainbow

Crystal Rainbow is dedicated to publishing products and providing services that encourage children to lead happy and fulfilling lives!

The Crystal Rainbow children’s collection is a product of 15 years experience. We have created these simple, practical tools to promote lasting, positive life habits!

Designed and illustrated by Jacqueline, the Crystal Rainbow children's collection includes FUN TOOLS for parents and teachers to work easily with children both at home and in the classroom.

The tools to create dreams! Every parent wants to see their child happy and successful. This is how you can help them to turn their dreams into reality!”

The Crystal Rainbow collection currently includes:

  • The “Making Rainbows” positive thoughts – daily focus cards
  • The “Making Rainbows” positive poster set of 5
  • The “Making Rainbows” positive bookmarks
  • The “Making Rainbows” story & imagination journey CD
  • The “Making Rainbows” fridge magnet
  • The “Joy” CD
  • “The Luckiest Princess in the world” picture book – about gratitude.

The Crystal Rainbow children’s collection is a product of 15 years experience.

Jacqueline Kukulj, who after completing her degree was employed as a teacher in the WA school system. Embarking upon her own journey of personal growth, she realized that in this fast-paced world, there was a real need for personal development for children.

Finding insufficient time to fill this need within the classroom, she left teaching and has been conducting her own workshops for children ever since. Having worked with children aged between 4 and 16, Jacqueline is now publishing the materials and stories from these workshops as tools to help children achieve more:

  • Happiness and positive thinking!
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Awareness and caring of other
  • Focus & quiet
  • With loads of FUN!

“What makes these products unique, is that we really do understand children… so all products are colourful, fun and easy to use! Children love them! They have been developed by a parent and teacher, for parents and teachers, to use at home or in the classroom…and they really do work!”


Book into a Workshop
Book into a Workshop
Book into a Workshop