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So how do you make a rainbow?

You can make rainbows on paper, in the sky
and you can also send rainbows to other people
every time you speak positive and happy thoughts!

Here are some ideas for you to do at home…

Rainbow Books
The kids from Byford Primary School in Western Australia have great ideas that they record in their “Rainbow Books”. When they choose a “Making Rainbows” card for the day they draw whatever comes to mind when they read it! Some take their ideas from the pictures on the cards, others let their imaginations go wild!

Look how colourful their books are and at how great their artwork is!

Rainbow colour books
How do rainbow make you feel?
Rainbows make me feel happy! They make me laugh!
I always want to get out my paints and paint colours all over the page!
I have a book just filled with all the colours of the rainbow! Sometimes I do swirls, sometimes rainbows, sometimes just blobs of colour. Whenever I feel sad, I can just turn to any page and I feel good! If I want to I just add to it, otherwise I can just look and smile…

You can try this at home! It’s great fun!
Here are pictures from my rainbow colours book and my little girls.

Next time you blow bubbles! Have a look! When they float up into the sunshine you will see a rainbow inside! Something that you always need to see a rainbow is sunshine! Why don’t you try it? Bubble art is fun too. All you need is a straw and some paint mixed in water…blow bubbles in the paint and then lay your picture over the top!

Try using lots of colours! Happy painting!

Rainbow window
Ask your Mum & Dad if you can decorate a window!
BUT you must use the liquid chalk pens only! They wipe off really easily, so you can change your design as often as it suits!

It may be a window in your room or somewhere in the house where everyone can see it. You can write your favourite positive saying, or make up your own! Think of something that would help you and everyone who sees it to feel GREAT! Then make it look great in your own special way!!!

Great idea!
Here is a great idea from a boy in WA! He chooses his “Making Rainbows” card for the day, the night before. Then he blue tacks the card to the ceiling above his bed each night. When he wakes up in the morning it is the first thing that he sees! What a great idea!!! You’ll have to make sure that you’re tall enough to reach the ceiling or you can ask Mum or Dad to help!

If you have any ideas that you would like to show, then CONTACT US

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