For Parents

Making Rainbows at Home
Ideas for using the cards at home with your children
to create a positive environment for the entire family!

way to start the day! As easy as 1 2 3!

1. Choose the card for the day:

Some FUN ways to choose:

  • Simply shuffle the pack, one may fallout!
  • OR Shuffle, spread them out, close your eyes & choose.
  • OR choose one straight out of the tin.
  • Choose a card in the morning over breakfast. Excellent for reading practise! NB if your child finds it difficult to read then please have someone else ready to read. Keep this a positive & exciting event.
  • Choose a card in the car, on the way to school!

2. Allow this to be the FOCUS CARD FOR THE DAY!

  • Throughout the day, whenever the opportunity arises bring up the focus saying. Ex “I can’t do that Mum! It’s too hard.” “Well remember, ‘if you think you can, you can!’”


  • FANTASTIC for discussion of feelings & attitudes. Chat about the card over dinner, relating experiences to do directly with the card.
    ex. “I thought about helping others all day, I opened the door for Mrs C.” “How did that make you feel?” “Well, she was really happy & it made me feel good!”
  • A great opportunity to give positive feedback to your child! You will be pleasantly surprised at what will come up!!!
  • You can stay in touch with where your children are at in all areas of their lives, as they will openly discuss it. Be sure to stay fairly objective to allow children to have that safe space.
  • You will be able to stay in touch with what your children are feeling, which is such an important thing…
  • When the children get older they will be so used to the discussion of feelings that they will find it easier to stay more open with you.

4. Variations:

  • Somebody chooses a card for the whole family for the day.
  • Each person chooses their own card for the day.
  • Choose a family card for the week.
  • Choose an individual card for the week.
  • Ask a question about something you are having challenges with & choose a card for an answer. (As a parent you will always be able to find a positive way to apply that card to the issue at hand!)

Most importantly please have fun with these!
Let the cards to be a tool to create more happiness in your lives!

5. ART FUN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Get some “liquid chalk pens” to write your daily focus card They have great colours and simply wipe off with a dry cloth! It can be a great motivational tool!
  • Kids will love writing the saying and decorating the fridge!
  • Write the saying on a window!
  • Write the saying on the bathroom mirror!
  • You can buy the liquid chalk pens direct from Crystal Rainbow
  • Make a rainbow board and blue tack your card to the board each day! Fun for everyone to join in and make it everybody’s!

Suport your children in living happy
& successful lives!
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