What we offer you, to make things easy for you...

  • FREE full colour brochures to give away!
  • Value pack ORDERING to increase your profit!
  • FREE freight within Australia for all orders over $250
  • An information WEBSITE for customers.
  • Links to our colourful and informative website!
  • Friendly and helpful assistance at all times from Crystal Rainbow!

As we will be operating as our own agents in Western Australia we are able to offer all retailers in the metro areas even more!

  • We will personally visit each store every 6 weeks offering FREE on the spot DELIVERIES.
  • We will restock and freshen up your display stand on the day.
  • We offer window and promotional in store displays and special offers to your customers!

Wholesalers Contact Us - for your Crystal Rainbow order form and trading details (includes all information on bonus pack ordering)


Dymocks - Perth - Western Australia - Windows Display

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